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CS Projects, S2 2019

Computer Science Individual Projects in S1, 2020

COMP3740 (6cp), COMP3770 (6+6=12cp), COMP4560 (12cp), COMP8755 (12cp)

This page is no longer in use from 2021 and it remains for only archival purposes. Students interested in the above courses are referred to the current page.

This page is for 1-2 semester-long, individual project courses under the Master of Computing (MCOMP) and Bachelors of Advanced Computing (BAC) and Information Technology (BIT) degrees. Normally, the project will be focused on a particular topic with particular learning objectives, usually with the outcomes of producing artefacts and communicating the knowledge gained under the project through a report and an oral presentation. The project may involve a mixture of theory and practice.

If you are a student intending to enroll in a project course, you first need to find a project topic and supervisor. Once this is done, you should contact the course convenor as soon as the semester starts (or even before). In most cases, enrollment is conditional on having found a suitable project topic and a willing supervisor.

COMP4560 (for undergradautes) and COMP8755 (for postgraduates) may be taken as 12 units across a single semester, or 6 units across two consecutive semesters. The former is recommended, as experience has shown that the workload of the 6+6 unit arrangement often significantly exceeds 12 units. Also, taking 12u in your final semester gives you maximal experience in the more specialized courses, making it easier to find a suitable supervisor and topic. Students in these courses, if you have trouble finding a supervisor by the end of week 1, please notify the projects conenor.

Before you actually start your project, you need to fill an Independent Study Contract in [docx] format or in [pdf] format (please only use these most recent versions of the documents, always available from here). Please discuss the contents of this contract with your supervisor. If your project supervisor is not an RSCS academic (e.g. an adjunct in Data 61 (CSIRO) or a member of another ANU school), a formal supervisor, who is an RSCS academic, will also be required to oversee and take responsibility for supervisory arrangements. This should be someone who is familiar with the topic and in regular contact with your project supervisor. Send the contract draft as an email attachment to the course convenor for comments. Sign on the contract with the signatures of you, your supervisor and your supervisor-nominated examiner if the projects course convenor instructs you to do so. Bring the signed contract to the projects course convenor (email a scanned one to the convenor (preferred) or leave a hardcopy with CECS Student Services) (due Monday week 2, if a permission code is needed, or ASAP afterwards). The projects course convenor will sign on the contract, and let the college administration office issue you a permission code for the course. You can start the project immediately after you enrolled the course, using the issued permission code.

All current project students will be subject to a common assessment scheme involving the delivery of a report, artefacts and a seminar (although the weighting between these may be varied), and common due dates for these items. They will also attend a number of CS Project `Community of Practice' Meetings to develop project and research-related skills.

All reports (seminar slides, research plan, artefacts, and final report) will be submitted through the course site CS Project course in Wattle. Communication between the course participants will be supported by the course web site in Wattle too. Project students are expected to monitor this forum, as it will have important announcements.

In Semester 1 2020, the course convenor for all of these courses is Prof Weifa Liang. All inquires about the course enrolment should go to Prof Liang in S1, 2020. The course co-convenor is A/Prof Zhenchang Xing. The list of projects currently assigned to students is here.

All staff involved in the CS Projects support respectful relationships.

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