CS Student Projects in Second Semester 2013
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Project Title

BIT/ COMP3Xxx (6 units)

comp3006 - Computer Science Research Project
Weifa Liang
Jesse  Wu
Implementing an efficient sequent-based theorm prover for propositional intuitionistic logic
Rajeev Gore and Jim Thomson
Kerry  Olesen
Implementing Tableaux Using BDDs
Rajeev Gore and Jim Thomson
Dirk Pattinson
Jiabin  Zhang
Artificial Intelligence for Playing Video Games
Jochen Renz
Steve Gould
Christopher  Claoue-Long
Stablising a care during high speed cornering
Uwe Zimmer
Bob Edwards
Kroum  Klutchkov
Layered cascade neural networks
Tom Gedeon
Ramesh S.

comp3700 - Topics in Software Engineering I
Weifa Liang

comp3710 - Computer Science Research Project
Weifa Liang, Rajeev Gore
Johannes  Kirschner
Reinforcement Learning
Marcus Hutter
E. Welzl

comp3740 - Project Work in Computing
Weifa Liang, Peter Strazdins
Joshua  Worth
GrANUle-An ARM instruction set simulator for teaching assembly language
Eric McCreath
Peter Strazdins
Aaron   Hairsine
Botless Botnets
Bob Edwards and Ramesh S.
U. Zimmer
Alves Peixoto   Douglas
Mining Trajectory Data
Lexing Xie
Elly Huizhi Liang

comp3750 - Project Work in Computer Systems
Weifa Liang, Steve Blackburn

comp4560 - Project Work in Software Engineering
Weifa Liang and Shayne Flint
Zhayuan   Hiu
Code coverage for high productivity languages (X10)
Josh Milthorpe
Steve Blackburn

MComp COMP6470 (6 units)

comp6470 - Special Topics in Computing
Jochen Renz, Weifa Liang
Swapnil Mishra
Graphical Models
Scott Scanner
Justin Domke

MComp, MSEng, MITS / COMP87*0 (12 units)

comp8740 - Artificial Intelligence Project
Eric McCreath, Weifa Liang
Jinjing  Li
Discrete time-varying topic models
Wray Buntine
Scott Scanner
Jiabao  Wu
Finding triangles in large scale social networks
Weifa Liang
Lexing Xie

comp8750 - Computer & Programming Language Systems Project
Weifa Liang, Peter Strazdins

comp8780 - Information and Human Centered Computing Project
Weifa Liang, Tom Gedeon
Xuanying Zhu
Fuzzy Signatures Neural Networks
Tom Gedeon
Eric McCreath
Qian Wu
Learning algorithms and temporal structure for SOM
Tom Gedeon
Dinyun Zhu
Weiming  Lu
Head orientation APP on iPhone
Tom Gedeon and Dingyun Zhu
Huge Fisher
Jingwei  Zhang
Entity resolution based on graph links
Qing Wang
Peter Christen
Shichao  Dong
Web Service for Toxicant Trigger Valuation
Warren Jin
Qing Wang

comp8790 - Software Engineering Project
Chris Johnson, Weifa Liang
Daniel Alarcon
Rule-based music composition using Cantus Firmus
Shayne Flint and Ian Davies
Henry Gardner
Shaoxuan Shen
Inter-block synchronisation on a GPGPU
Eric McCreath
Peter Strazdin
Yongxuan Fu
Query evaluation in wireless sensor networks
Weifa Liang
Qing Wang
Zeyu Shen
Entity resolutions in the presence of contraints
Qing Wang
Peter Christen

Presentation schedules:
Note: the overall projects co-ordinator Weifa Liang is acting as co-supervisor to all of these students.